Check out faster,
earn more rewards

Shop smarter by picking the credit card that maximizes rewards and benefits at checkout, activating a seamless autofill or one-click experience at every merchant you shop at, and much more.
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Kudos works at over 1 million merchants

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Your security & privacy come first

We use bank-level 256 bit encryption

Your data is kept secure, we will never share it or sell it to anyone

Third party auditors  reviewed our security practices and we have achieved the SOC2 Type 1 industry standard

How Kudos Works

Kudos does it all for you...

How Kudos works

Kudos lives in
your browser

Kudos meets you wherever
you shop across the web. Kudos shows up only when you need help and stays away when you don't.

Set up your

wallet in seconds

Kudos gets you going in seconds, all you need to do is tell us what cards you have in your wallet. Kudos only optionally needs your card numbers if you choose to take advantage of our seamless one-click checkout experience on supported sites.

Pick the best
card every time

Kudos sifts through mountains of data from over 3000 credit cards, all in an instant. It’s never been easier to unlock the best credit card rewards and benefits when you shop.


One-click checkout on every site you shop at

Kudos helps you speed through checkout on every site by having a checkout bot fill in all your information in the background, to take you from checkout page to confirmation in seconds.

Track savings across all transactions

Kudos keeps a tab of all the saving you’ve gotten while using Kudos, so you don’t have to.

The average customer can earn over $750 per year with Kudos

Shop smarter with Kudos

Kudos transforms your shopping experience and gets you the most value whenever you shop.
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